Catching up …

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to blog about InForum Moms, so here’s the latest:

1) We’ll have a Play Date for Moms of Infants and Toddlers from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday (April 19) in Moorhead. The FREE event, for parents and children ages birth to 3, will be hosted by the Moorhead Community Education’s Early Childhood Family Education program. It will be similar to the Family Fun for Little Ones Class. We’ll play, paint, sing and probably laugh out loud in a child-family environment where you can connect with others in similar stages. We still have open spots, but you must register by Friday (April 17). To register, click here.

2) We are also giving away two copies of the book “River Friendly, River Wild” by Jane Kurtz, including an autographed copy! Kurtz wrote the children’s book, winner of a Golden Kite Award, based on her experiences living through the 1997 flood in Grand Forks. You can read about the book and a Q&A interview with Kurtz in The Forum’s Life section on Tuesday.  To enter to win the book, join the Book Giveaway Group at InForum Moms by Friday. (Click the join button — If you’re not a member of the site, you’ll be prompted to join.  It’s free and fun so please do so!)

3) On a personal note, my daughter, Eve, is scheduled to have a procedure to correct her strabismus (crossed eyes) on Tuesday (tomorrow!). It’s nerve-wracking and scary to think of my 1-year-old being put under general anesthesia. It’s heartening to think that as of tomorrow afternoon, she may no longer be plagued by this disorder. And it’s kind of funny to think that they are going to try to straighten her eyes by using Botox. Yes, Botox. How chic is my toddler? 😉  Anyway, I’ll post more once we’re through the scariness and recovery.  Until then, I’d appreciate your thoughts, prayers and good vibes.