Another recall

I can tell I’ve been a mom for a little while. My crib was recalled this week. Again. And I kind of didn’t care …

The first time we faced a recall, I freaked out. I had been letting my daughter play with a death trap, I thought. Eventually, I convinced myself that it was OK to let Eve use her LeapFrog activity center, a favorite toy. After all, out of 186,000 units sold, 54 kids had received minor scratches and bruises from getting their arm caught in the center tube. Scratches and bruises. Not exactly life-threatening.

Then, our crib was recalled because the mattress support brackets could break. We called and got new ones. Then, they recalled the floating raft Eve went swimming in because … I don’t remember why. We again assessed the risk/reward ratio and kept using it.

Now, this week, the largest ever recall of cribs (2.1 million) was announced, including our Stork Craft drop-side crib. When I read the news, I sighed. Another recall.

But I didn’t freak out. “Oh well,” I thought. “I’ll get the repair kit. We’ll fix it. Eve won’t be sleeping in a crib for too much longer anyway.”

I hope this nonchalance doesn’t make me a “bad mom.”  It breaks my heart that four children died as a result of suffocating when trapped between the detached drop-side and the crib mattress. But after awhile, I think you get better at figuring out when to freak out about a possible danger.

There’s just too many. You can’t get worked up over every one of them.