Free Parenting Workshop April 29

I wanted to make sure to let parents know about an event that’s coming up in our community.

Howard Glasser, creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach, will be presenting a free workshop for parents called “All Children Flourishing.” The workshop will be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. April 29 (that’s a Thursday) at the Ramada Plaza Suites, 1635 42nd St. S., Fargo.  It is free, but registration is required. Call (701) 241-5700 or e-mail

I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Glasser’s work from early childhood education specialists. One teacher summed it up in language all parents understand: This workshop is worth getting a sitter.

Glasser is author of “Transforming the Difficult Child.” He’s leading a workshop on this topic for professionals and community leaders April 30, as well as Child Care Resource and Referral’s spring conference May 1.

Here’s a snippet from the brochure promoting Glasser’s parent workshop:

A child’s intensity is a gift that needs to be nurtured. How do we accomplish this and help our children to fully flourish and thrive – even be GREAT – in an everchallenging world?
Traditional approaches to dealing with a child’s intensity can easily make situations worse and damage our very precious relationships with the children in our lives.
The Nurtured Heart Approach has been proven to create GREATNESS in even the most intense children – very quickly and in inspiring and lasting ways. Children learn to believe in themselves and have confidence in successes that flow from investing intensity, intelligence and life force into positive action.
Attend and you will leave with a powerful set of skills you can use immediately to help children live life in positive ways – and flourish!

2 thoughts on “Free Parenting Workshop April 29

  1. As a broke first time mom i’d like to say that even if this workshop is worth getting a sitter.. whats the point of taking a workshop about parenting your kids if you don’t have you kids with?? yeah i understand that the kids would be restless and not excited about sitting down for a parenting workshop but the only way i would go to any parenting thing is if i have my child there to learn along with me. otherwise how do i know your methods are truely effective.. i’m not down for wasting my time or my money on a workshop thats not hands on

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve gone to one Nurtured Heart workshop and it was excellent. I’m planning on going to this one. I’ve been to enough of these to know you don’t have to have your kids along. In fact, I can see the benefits of them not being there. You take what you learn and apply it to your life after you’ve had a chance to absorb it. Besides, it’s nice to get away from the kids every once in a while, I find. :)

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