‘Cheetos and Barbies’

All Eve wants for Christmas is Cheetos and Barbies. At least that’s been her most consistent answer whenever anybody asks her what presents she would like this year.

When she says Cheetos, she actually is referring to Gerber Lil’ Crunchies (in mild cheddar flavor), a toddler snack her friend Joren shared with her this summer. Barbies, of course, are the quintessential little girl gift, though technically aren’t for children under age 3.

I honestly think my 2-year-old would be thrilled if only a canister of cheese puffs and a single doll were under the tree this year. This makes me wonder why I’ve been agonizing over the stash of gifts in the guest bedroom closet, wondering if it’s enough.

I drug it all out last night: the Abby Cadabby slippers (a Black Friday find), the Cinderella outfit and costume jewelry (Halloween clearance), a Tinkerbell bouncy ball (like the ones she plays with at our gym’s daycare), an Elmo book/puzzle (snagged from a B&N clearance shelf this June), bubble bath, Sesame Street undies and colorful barrettes (for her stocking), and a canister of Lil’ Crunchies. (We’ll let someone else get her the Barbies.)

I think my hang-up is that I haven’t gotten her one “big gift.” For her first Christmas, we got her a play shopping cart set. For her second, she got a Little People schoolhouse from us. I wonder if I shouldn’t get her this fancy Jessie doll from Toy Story 3 or maybe the bike I’d picked up at a Black Friday sale and planned to give her for her March birthday. There are so many options for gifts in the store ads, my head kind of spins at all the things I think she’d like.

But when you’re 2, price tags don’t matter. Just Barbies and Cheetos.

4 thoughts on “‘Cheetos and Barbies’

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think we, as parents, are the ones that pressure ourselves to please our little kids. We all know the stories of the kids who get the expensive toys but spend all Christmas morning playing in the box. My cousin’s son had a million toys around the house, but the toy he enjoyed most was his mom’s blouse on a hangar so he could pretend it was a kite. Incidentally, Cheetos and Barbies are all I want for Christmas too (but in this case, they must be Crunchy Cheetos and TV Reporter Barbie).

  2. Why not keep it simple? Give her the Cheetos & Barbie. She will love it! Tracy Briggs is right on the money, it is the parents who stress ourselves about getting this gift or that one for the child who wants nothing more than to play with the box the gift came in. There was a time when my son would have been thrilled to have gotten a large box, tape, markers, and aluminum foil. He just wanted things (tools) to create with.

  3. I have a little guy a few months younger than Eve and love your posts. :) And if it’s any consolation, ours just wants cars and trucks – and not the big fancy ones, they have to be small enough that he can stick them in pockets and drag them with him wherever he goes. So, 77 cent matchbox cars it is.

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