In toddler’s eyes, Mom’s still cool enough to ride the bus

Eve got into bed with me this morning, after climbing the stairs from her room to mine. I wasn’t ready to get out from under the covers yet. “Is it a Mommy and Evie day today?” she asked me, her head resting on my husband’s pillow. How I wished I could say “yes” to my nearly 3-year-old. 

“No, honey. Today, you play with your friends at daycare. Tomorrow will be a Mommy and Evie day.” Ok, she said, satisfied by my answer.

I eventually dragged myself through our morning routine. As we walked through the garage to the other side of my car, a bus drove by and stopped to pick up kids at the corner. “Look, Mom, a school bus!” Eve said, excitedly. “Mom, someday I’m going to ride the school bus and you can ride with me! And you can sit in the seat with me!” “Really?” I asked. “Thanks, Eve. That’s sweet.”

I wondered what she’d think if I took her up on that offer when she was 6, or 9, or 13. I wondered when I, as Mom, go from being the coolest thing in the world — somebody she wants to spend a whole day with — to the most embarrassing. I’m sure it will happen sooner than I want or will recognize. I’d better make the most of those Mommy/Evie days, while she’ll still sit next to me.

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