Where did all the pregnant women go?

All spring and early summer, I felt like a member of a not-so-exclusive club. Everywhere I looked I saw other pregnant women. They strolled through south Fargo neighborhoods and filled supermarket aisles. It was quite a change from my last pregnancy in early 2008. I don’t remember seeing any other incubating ladies then. Perhaps because we were all wearing poufy parkas …

But something changed in the last week. The other preggos disappeared from city streets. There were none at the Redhawks game on Tuesday. None at the grocery store on Sunday …  Did they all deliver at once?

No, I think they’re all just trying to survive this oppressive heat and humidity. Or avoid the well-meaning strangers who inevitably comment on how uncomfortable we must be in the heat. (One woman even rolled down her car window as I walked to my vehicle after work to tell me how miserable I must be.)

It seems they found a safe haven, however. My husband took our daughter swimming Saturday evening while I did some projects around the house. “It must have been pregnant lady day at the pool,” he said when they got home. On the days I’ve joined them there, I’ve also noticed a disproportionate number of swimsuit-clad convex bellies.  And understandably so. The weightless effect and cool temperatures of chlorinated water does wonders when you have a late summer due date … in the midst of a nationwide heat wave.

Until this weather breaks, or I can get back in the pool, maybe I’ll retreat as well into air-conditioned comfort. If for no other reason than to avoid the “poor you” commentary.