New Year, New Word

I’ve noticed a trend lately, that instead of (or in addition to) New Year’s resolutions, people are choosing words to guide the New Year.

My friend Roxane, at Peace Garden Mama, has done this. Crystal at Money Saving Mom chose two words: margin and discipline.

As a wordsmith (self-proclaimed and employed as such), I’m attracted to this idea, but have struggled to come up with a precise word for 2013.

The word that keeps coming to mind is “transition,” as this will be a year of transition for my family. Eve will go to Kindergarten. Owen will likely start attending daycare of some sort. My work schedule/arrangement will likely change.

But “transition” is a noun. It’s a thing, a fact. What I need is a verb, adjective or adverb, to describe how I want this year to go. To guide my actions in a time of transition.

I did a visual thesaurus search for the word “transition.” It led me to “change,” which eventually led me to “sprout” and “burgeon.” I like this idea, that our family is sprouting, burgeoning forth. Growing. Changing. Evolving.

So I ask you for advice … what verb/adjective/adverb am I searching for? What’s your word for 2013?