Plastic Fast, Week 3: Choices

In Week 3 of giving up my credit cards, I faced a choice: Put gas in my car or buy a case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

I chose Mike.

That probably doesn’t speak well of my priorities, but with a blizzard coming, I figured my husband and I would consume more of one than the other.

That snowstorm and a sick little girl kept me home-bound and under budget in Week 3 of my plastic fast, a feat I’m pretty proud of considering I’d cut my weekly allowance.

I gave myself only $112 to work with instead of $140, a penalty for going over budget in Week 2. I spent $103.28. That included two trips to the grocery store, a drop-in daycare appointment and my husband’s Valentine’s Day present (also purchased at a grocery store …), plus the Mike’s.

My hubby had to pick up some of the slack. His workplace had planned a potluck, and he asked if I’d make my scrumptious fruit pizza. I told him I’d gladly make it, but I couldn’t afford to buy the ingredients.

I also lucked out. Owen had a doctor appointment that comes with a $25 co-pay, but the receptionist didn’t request I pay it then.

I’m excited to get my full allowance to fill up the car and get some groceries, but am facing a bit of a dilemma. This Thursday is Giving Hearts Day, a 24-hour fundraising effort for 177 local nonprofits during which donations of $10 or more are matched. But it’s online, which equals plastic.

It’s a worthy enough cause to break my fast, but I’m looking to see if I have another choice.