Lost money, returned

It came! A while back, I wrote about my quest to reclaim $100 of unclaimed property. I filled out the form, sent in the required proof of ID and residence, and about four weeks later, I’ve got my money!

Me and my check! (Editor’s note – This photo has been retouched to remove potentially sensitive financial information. My enthusiasm, however, is genuine)

I figure it was money I forgot to pick up back when I donated plasma in college (perhaps bonus cash for referring friends?). At some point, it was turned over to the state and posted on the Department of Trust Lands’ Unclaimed Property website.

It’s a good idea to search the site (as well as a national database, like missingmoney.com) every six months or so.

A tip I received after writing the column: Be vague in your search. Don’t include your zip code (especially if you’ve lived multiple places). Put in only your last name, or even just part of your last name.

About the same time I was digging into unclaimed property, I received a newsletter from Cass County Electric Cooperative. Inside was a pages-long list of former co-op members who were owed “Capital Credits,” extra monies allocated to each member. And it’s up to those members to claim the money. The same holds true with other cooperatives.

It’s your money. Go get it.